Pb. Collagen Travel Sized 'Pocket Pots'

You asked and we delivered... never miss a day of Pb. Collagen powder again!

These clever little collagen powder pocket pots can go anywhere with you! Pop them into your handbag for work, travel & sleepovers or into your gym bag for your post-workout smoothie/coffee. Simply refill with your recyclable and reusable tin or compostable pouch. 

Beauty Collagen Pocket Pot:

These beauties contain 40g of Pure Bastion premium Beauty Collagen (approx. 8 x serves). With daily use, our Beauty Collagen smooths fine lines, thickens your hair and strengthens your nails. Simply stir into your coffee, cereal or juice. Amazing for including in your daily beauty ritual. #beautyfromwithin

Active Collagen Pocket Pot:










These legends contain 40g of Pure Bastion premium Active Collagen (approx. 8 x serves). With daily use, our Active Collagen strengthens your joints, aids in tissue repair and helps maintain a healthy gut. Simply stir into your smoothie, juice or coffee. Great for either your pre or post workout ritual. #strengthfromwithin

Keep and refill over and over again. Convenience at it's best!