Love for Pb.

These lovely ladies are real & regular Pb. customers who agreed to have their pics taken with our products and we love them for it!




The below testimonials are from people who have texted/emailed their love for Pb. products:

Kim from Sydney:

"Three things OTHER people have noticed about me since starting my daily Pb. routine:
1. My hair is glossy. So much so that I keep being asked if I have coloured my hair!
2. My nails are longer. Kylie Jenner talon length.
3. My skin is smoother and softer and healthier looking.

The one thing I have noticed about me? Confidence!"

Emily from Sydney:

"I've been using the Beauty Collagen for a few weeks now and I have noticed such a difference in my skin and hair. My skin looks and feels smoother and my hair is stronger. It's really easy to incorporate into my daily routine and unlike other collagen powders, you can't even taste it. I love it!"

Sandra from Adelaide:

"I love using the Active Collagen Powder as I do a lot of running and have noticed that my tendons don't pull up as sore as they used to. It's also great if you walk or just for your general health, especially in the perimenopause. It's so easy to take, you have no reason to forget. I sprinkle mine on yoghurt. So easy and a great product."

Katie from Auckland:

"I've been taking Pb. Collagen for 3 weeks now and I've already seen results. I've definitely seen a difference in my skin (it somehow looks and feels smoother and more hydrated) but the biggest result has been my hair, which is noticeably thicker, I've even had someone comment on it. My best friend swears by it and now I see why. I'm hooked."

Fiona from Sydney:

"I have my Pb. Beauty Collagen in my smoothie every morning and my skin has never felt better. Do yourselves a favour and get some!"

Judy from Adelaide: 

"I am in my 80s and have been using Pure Bastion Beauty for the past month and can see a big improvement in my skin. This product has been so good for my skin. I am really happy with it and I love the Keepsake Tin."

Peter from Port Adelaide:

"I was skeptical at first, but after a month of having Pb. Active Collagen in my protein shake everyday, my knees feel stronger and it's actually had a smoothing effect on my skin too. Bonus!"

Bec from Adelaide (yep, it's me!):

"I've used sample collagen powders daily for over 12 years now. I've been taking Pb. Active & Beauty Collagen daily (on alternate days) for a little while now and I cannot live without it. My skin is smooth, my wrinkles are reduced, my nails are stronger, my hair is thicker and my dodgy netball knee is less painful and inflamed."