Beauty Collagen 250g Keepsake Tin

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Glow with confidence! Pb. Beauty Collagen will firm, smooth, and renew your skin with every serving. Goodbye wrinkles, hello radiant skin! Plus, you'll enjoy stronger hair and stronger nails as well!

And with each scoop containing 5g of Verisol B (bovine) hydrolysed collagen peptide powder, you may even see a reduction in cellulite too! Mix it into your morning smoothie, juice, or cereal for an easy, tasteless, and enjoyable addition to your routine.

As Pb. Beauty Collagen is a TGA approved (Aust L 346618) and clinically tested product, you can trust that you're getting the best! Our 250g Keepsake Tin has 50 satisfaction-guaranteed servings!

Tin Dimensions: 120mm x 85mm x 85mm